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A GM's Toolbox

Mar 30, 2021

Does sex or flirting have a place in D&D or other TTRPGs? What about relationships? As a GM how can or should you handle these topics? Join Sean and Kourtney as they discuss their take on these and other sensitive topics in TTRPG campaigns.

Mar 23, 2021

What are maps in D&D and other TTRPG games? How do you make them? How do you use them effectively? Join Sean McStravick and Kourtney Snow as they answer all this and more in this episode of A GMs Toolbox.

Mar 16, 2021

Character deaths are hard, and GMs are often afraid of them. In this episode Sean and Kourtney from The Arcanery draw on their 25+ year's of GM experience and discuss how to help your players deal with their character deaths.

Mar 9, 2021

Stuck on session prep? Learn what to prepare, how to do it, how to stay organized, and how to reduce the amount of time you spend on preparing your Dungeons and Dragons or other TTRPG session. Join Sean McStravick and Kourtney Snow from as they share their experience, strategies and tips.

Mar 9, 2021

What is an encounter? How do you tie it into your world? Is CR really BS? What the heck is a murgaggle of racoons? If these questions keep you up at night, this episode will send you into dreamland.

Join Kamm, Sean, and very special guest (and A GM's Toolbox producer) James as they explore how to grab the player’s...